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SITS sofas and armchairs was founded like so many other companies: as a family business. And as the company has grown over time, so have the collections. Family is still how we like to present SITS at Global Furniture: the people are the heart of the company, and we like to show that we care for them the way they care about seating furniture. We notice that they care for furniture every day in their dedication to the details of our corner sofas, couches, armchairs, and the bird chair, one of our icons. This attention to detail and the creativity are at the heart of our company. Every day. We want SITS couches to be a supplier that you know by name. We are family. And you are very welcome to join us. Swedish design, quality, and contemporary design and yet very affordable, that is what Sits corner sofas and armchairs stands for.

We deliver to all of Europe and a lot of other countries, please be sure to check your shipping rates at the checkout and take into account that shipping outside of the Netherlands may take a little longer then portrayed due to transportation planning.

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