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Dining room furniture in Elst Arnhem Nijmegen all kinds of different models and furniture in a row, easy and at a glance. Here you will find every type of dining room furniture that you need for a beautiful decoration.
In this category you will find our beautiful collection of dining tables and dining chairs.
Whatever you can imagine that you would like to have in the dining room, or think you need, is here selected for you in two clear categories.
Industrial, modern, sleek, robust and rural furniture, we at Global furniture have it all!

To keep your furniture in perfect condition and to maintain it properly, we have a number of products to support you in maintenance. Click here to go to maintenance products and pay attention to what you need for your specific furniture.

Some dining room furniture in this category will have a “request information” label. Via this button you can send us an email with questions or to ask for general information. However, we can of course help you even better if you can visit us in the showroom for a personal meeting.

We deliver to all of Europe and many other countries. Please be sure to check your shipping rates at the checkout and take into account that shipping outside of the Netherlands may take a little longer then portrayed due to transportation planning.
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