Barkrukken barstoel

Bar stools and bar chairs

Our collection of Barstools and Bar chairs is of high quality and is available in various shapes and sizes. For example, we can supply in leather, artificial leather and fabric.
From modern to classic, our barstool or bar chair is almost indispensable in our living room or office. Where there used to be little choice in style and upholstery, it is now in abundance.

See separate models for more information about the upholstery types and styles.
If you have any questions or would like to test how a barstool is?
Feel free to come and visit us at the home furnishings store in Elst (Arnhem, Nijmegen) for a drink at our own bar, of course on one of our own barstools.

To keep your furniture in perfect condition and to maintain it properly, we have a number of products to support you in maintenance. Click here to go to maintenance products and pay attention to what you need for your specific furniture.

We deliver to all of Europe and a lot of other countries, please be sure to check your shipping rates at the checkout and take into account that shipping outside of the Netherlands may take a little longer then portraid due to transportation planning.

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