Garden cushions for our garden furniture
Garden cushions for our scaffolding wood garden furniture and wicker garden furniture , but also for your existing garden set . It is available tailor-made for your existing garden set, or a customized scaffolding wooden garden set of your choice.

We also supply pillow sets for your existing (woven) garden furniture. In high-quality fabric, which is very colourfast, antifungal, and water-repellent and yet breathing.
Good cushions for comfort and seating comfort
It is important to choose good cushions in your garden furniture. Good quality prevents your garden cushions from discolouring within a few weeks. The materials used can withstand rain, so your pillows will not be wet for days. Finally, the use of the right foam (polyether) ensures that you are not sitting on a flat, lifeless cushion after just one season. That is why at Global furniture we only choose the best materials!

Durable, mold-free, colourfast, and with a high degree of water repellency and good quality polyether for the highest seating comfort. This guarantees years of enjoyment of your outdoor cushions and also saves you a lot of dragging.

Our pillows do not shy away from rain!

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