Light sources

With us you can also immediately buy all necessary light sources, simultaneously with your new lamp.
We have a wide selection including: Filament LED, Carbon wire nostalgic, high quality “special” lamps and all shapes and sizes.
You can buy ordinary light sources / lamps everywhere. We offer you a compact, but high-quality, special range of light sources that will delight your eye or save you a lot of money because they are very electricity efficient.

Since it can be difficult to estimate what a light bulb does for you in your house, we have most of it in store for you to view. Certainly for all special LED lamps in separate forms, we recommend that you come to our home store. We have most light bulbs and sources in stock and can then demonstrate them in one of the many lamps we have.

Not least important is the energy saving that LED light sources offer you in this current time of saving and environmentally friendly living. Interested in our durable and beautiful special lamps? Feel free to come and visit us in our store in Elst (Gelderland Arnhem Nijmegen) and taste the atmosphere of lamps that are just that little bit more interesting than a standard bulb.

We deliver to all of Europe and many other countries. Please be sure to check your shipping rates at the checkout and take into account that shipping outside of the Netherlands may take a little longer than portrayed due to transportation planning.

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