Pendant lamps retro design, industrial and timeless …

Pendant lamps in our webshop, all models in a row, easily accessible and at a glance. Here you will find every type of hanging lamp that you would like to see in your house.

This is the selection of different pendant/hanging lamps that we sell on our webshop.
We have a lot of different styles and materials to choose from for the perfect lighting at home. With so many options for pendant lamps, there is something here for everyone.
We have options from the robust industrial lamps (even old factory lamps) to the more sophisticated lamps in (modern and country styles) and so many more options that we can order for you from our regular suppliers.

We have a large part of hanging lamps in our home store in Elst (Gelderland Arnhem Nijmegen)

At Global furniture we even offer you the option of having your old lampshades refurbished. Hanging lamp, floor lamp or table lamp does not matter, ask us about the options. If you want to have an idea about the costs (irrespective of the type of fabric you choose later), make sure that the dimensions of the hood are known to us in any case. We need 3 sizes: Top ring (cross section), bottom ring (cross section) and the height of the hood.

Do you not have beautiful / stylish light sources that match your new lamps? Take a look here, we probably have something fitting that will brighten your day!

We deliver to all of Europe and many other countries. Please be sure to check your shipping rates at the checkout and take into account that shipping outside of the Netherlands may take a little longer than portrayed due to transportation planning.

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Robust pendant lamp Lucca

 195,00 Incl. VAT

Robust 3 light hanging lamp Lucca

 469,00 Incl. VAT

industrial duo light hanging lamp Lucca

 375,00 Incl. VAT

Hugo hanging lamp metal black large 70cm

 189,00 229,00 Incl. VAT

Pendant lamp Ibiza

 75,00 149,00 Incl. VAT

Hanging lamp Cavello steel color 3 light bulbs

 265,00 Incl. VAT

Hanging lamp Smokey Vennice 5 light green glass

 370,00 Incl. VAT

Cage pendant lamp black metal

 85,00 109,00 Incl. VAT

retro pendant lamp wood 60cm

 159,00 389,00 Incl. VAT

Lynn wooden pendant lamp 60cm

 135,95 169,95 Incl. VAT

Walnut hanging lamp 7 rings lacquered wood

 79,00 195,00 Incl. VAT

Soccer hanging lamp matt black clear glass

 179,00 Incl. VAT

Molfetta hanging lamp black 50/70 cm

 220,00 385,00 Incl. VAT

Cosmo Rope hanging lamp 70cm

 99,00 170,00 Incl. VAT

Industry industrial factory Pendant lamp SALE !

 95,00 109,95 Incl. VAT

Spotlight pendant lamp Metal BePureHome

 219,00 Incl. VAT

Moon II Experience pendant lamp 70 cm VTwonen

 239,00 289,00 Incl. VAT

Mezzo Tondo Moon Pendant Lamp 50 cm

 250,00 Incl. VAT

Mezzo Tondo Moon Pendant Lamp 70 cm

 375,00  292,00 Incl. VAT

Sea Explorer Pendant Lamp Eichholtz

 749,00 Incl. VAT

Maritime Pendant Lamp Stainless steel or Brass

 69,00 Incl. VAT

hanging lamp Firehose industrial pendulum messing

 49,00 Incl. VAT

Hanging lamp Firehose industrial pendulum copper

 49,00 Incl. VAT

hanging lamp Firehose industrial pendulum silver

 49,00 Incl. VAT