meubelprogrammas voor elk interieur

Living room collections for every interior

Under this category you will find a variety of Living room collections. These are collections of furniture that are fully coordinated with each other. By using these matching furniture and the various accessories, you create a professional-looking interior that reflects your own style.

There is a Living room collection for every taste!

We deliver to all of Europe and a lot of other countries, please be sure to check your shipping rates at the checkout and take into account that shipping outside of the Netherlands may take a little longer then portraid due to transportation planning.

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Corona teak furniture (19)

Kensington tables from recycled wood by Richmond (17)

Lorenzo coarse recycled teak (9)

Max oaken furniture concrete look (8)

Nora industrial furniture (10)

Pandora recycled Teak en Metal (7)

Potenza teak furniture (10)

Sito design furniture (2)

Swift design wall cabinets (1)

Wave modern furniture (1)

Apollo Retro Vintage Collection (5)

Boxx Furniture by Richmond (6)

Masters Solid oak furniture from Habufa (35)

Montreal Industrial furniture solid oak steel (6)

Kyara design furniture by Recor in Oak, Cashmere or Basalt (34)

Oakdale furniture Collection by Richmond (20)

Provence country style furniture (11)