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Max oaken furniture concrete look

All Max oaken furniture concrete look from the Tower Living is made from 100% European oak. This type of wood is also called “drift oak”. The oak wood is of high quality and this is not only reflected in the appearance of the furniture, but you also notice it in the lifespan. All Max oak furniture looks luxurious and stylish and will last a long time.

The oak parts of the furniture are lightly brushed and finished with an oil. This oil not only protects the wood, but also provides an extra stylish look. Furthermore, every piece of furniture in this furniture series has a concrete element. This element enhances the sturdy look of the Max oaken furniture concrete look.

Sleek, tough and industrial furniture

The combination of high-quality oak and sturdy concrete gives this furniture collection a tough and characteristic look. This appearance fits perfectly with the industrial living style. Furthermore, the different Tower Living Max furniture has a sleek design. If you like the combination of cool and minimalist, you’ll love the Max furniture collection from Tower Living.

Tips and advice:

European oak (drift oak) only fronts Asian
Natural oak / Gray concrete
MDF / Metal frames / Plate material

Oak works, the extent to which that happens depends on the room in which the furniture is placed. Due to changes in humidity and / or temperature, wood shrinks or expands. Large differences can lead to cracks in the oak, so a uniform temperature and humidity are important (good humidity is between 50 and 60%). Auxiliaries for ensuring constant air humidity are water trays for heaters or an air humidifier. You must also ensure that the Max oak furniture is not placed against heating or air conditioning.

Maintenance- and cleaning advice:

Daily maintenance of your Max oaken furniture: Clean with a slightly damp cloth, then dry off with a dry cloth. In addition, treat the frame with concrete wax 1-2 times a year.
Maintain the doors / fronts with Orange greenfix colourless.

We deliver to all of Europe and many other countries. Please be sure to check your shipping rates at the checkout and take into account that shipping outside of the Netherlands may take a little longer than portrayed due to transportation planning.

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