Maintenance teak garden furniture

“My (wooden scaffolding) garden furniture is turning green, what can I do?” There is a simple solution.

Sometimes furniture can turn grayish or greenish, especially if they have been outside . It is recommended to put the furniture in storage in the winter. Even though it is still impossible to prevent a bit of dirt on the furniture. However, it is easy to make them look shining new with this plan.

Cleaning (wooden scaffolding) garden furniture

In the spring, before you get it out of storage, you can follow these steps o you can enjoy using clean garden furniture.

  • Buy a bag of regular cleaning soda, eg. at the supermarket
  • Fill half a bucket with warm water, dissolve one-thirds of the soda herein.
  • Scrub the garden furniture with this soapy water and a firm bristle brush, eg. one of those with a wooden handle. Dirt will vanish in no time.
  • Rinse well afterwards and dry it well.
  • Scour lightly with a fine sandpaper, 120 grit.
  • If you have it you can use nourishing oil after sanding (obviously at your own risk). Don’t forget, always start with a small piece of the furniture that will remain out of sight and let it dry out well. For a colour differencemay appear after rubbing the oil in. We always recommend, if you want to take this risk, to try it on a small non-visible part.

If you follow this plan you have garden furniture which looks elegant and new after sanding.

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