[Newsletter] Spring 2017

Summer time!

Spring is coming, with summer time in its wake. Your house wants have an update too! Each living room can use a nice new piece of furniture, each sofa an extra pillow or finally cave and buy those new dining chairs. Global Furniture would like to join you for a sunny outlook of your interior !

Spring into action? Spring action!

In the week of 20th to 26th of March, 17th, we will give all our customers a sunny start of the spring season with 10% off all the inside collection and 15% at all locks!
Come to the showroom or check out the web shop. Spruce up your house now!

Daylight Saving Time Bargains: Yael clock and Ageless table clock

Yael Wall Clock of RichmondYeal wandklok van Richmond kk0018

With this chrono look, this beautiful and elegant Yael Clock of Richmond is a timeless design. The dial looks just like a nice wristwatch. The Yeal has a precision Quartz clockwork. Now € 95!

Ageless tafelklok BePureRather have a sturdy looking clock: Ageless table clock

This black metal table clock has a really tough “contemporary” look because of the “vintage” metal and playful illuminated clock-face. Now only € 79.


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