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Sevilla chaise lounge white [showmodel]

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Comfortable chaise longue from Exotan. Available in left and right arrangement.

Showmodel in mint condition with high discount.

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Sevilla chaise lounge white aluminum frame from Exotan [showmodel]

This Sevilla chaise lounge white furniture has “Fast-Dry Foam”.
A special kind of foam that is porous, so the cushions can just stay outside.
It is advisable to take the cushions inside during the winter.
Furthermore, it is a wonderful piece for any garden.

Comes with one cushion. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Armrest left or right.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 160 cm x 73 cm x 78 cm

Showmodel in mint condition with high discount.

Exotan furniture stand for pure enjoyment in the garden: you relax in a lounge set and dine in luxury chairs.
Exotan is a unique brand that is known for the use of outdoor fabrics, natural materials and their authentic look.
For example, the furniture is sustainable through the use of wooden elements and gives outdoor fabric of comfort and a luxurious appearance.

The Exotan All Weather furniture:

In the collection of Exotan you’ll find a wide assortment of all-weather furniture.
Almost all the pillows and sets are made of all-weather material, allowing them to stay outside with rain.
For making the all weather furniture Exotan used Texfabric, Subrella and Silvertex fabric and there’s also “fast dry foam” pillows.
When dry foam is used the water goes straight through the foam.
Dry foam ensures that the cushions dry quickly and retain its original shape.
With the all weather cushions we always advise to move the cushions in the winter to inside your home.

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